Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Stock Pick 2013 & Strategy

Things have been stagnant for months, no latest development for me. My strategy currently still waiting for the market correction to pick up some stocks I like. GE13 is around the corner, why not wait for it since I am waiting it for months. The bull market starting from early 2009 until today it is still not taking a break, market correction is unavoidable, only when.

Last year my stock pick were Hartalega & Allianz, both of them beat the market by decent margin. Hope that I am able to repeat the same call for this year and years to come. This year I don't have any stock call particularly at this moment, as I believe that the market will present a good chance to buy some good quality stocks that I admired like Hartalega, Allianz, CIMB, Public Bank, Jobstreet, and LPI.

Nothing cast in the stone, is all depend on the prices presented by "Mr. Market". Basically I like insurances, banks and nitrile glove makers, asset light company with solid recurrence cash flow. Although some consumer stocks like Nestle, Dutchlady and DIGI are solid with free cash flow but they are not cheap either. I also don't think that they will drop to PE below 18, this is the pricing I will enter.

Old Town is flying for last few months, it is eye catching. Its capacity expansion and China venture seem attractive. However, the customer experience at their outlet is suck, big time. It should be the worst customer service provided among all F&B. Every time I think of buying it, i not feel comfortable. With this kind of service, how it can retain its shore in the highly competitive environment.

HLFG is relative cheap entry as compared to Hong Leong Bank, however I dont like this method of investing.