Monday, January 30, 2012

Comment and opinion

Happy CNY and Huat ar....

Look like Hartalega finally goes up, I had been holding this counter for 3 years. The return is not bad at all. Like what i had said previously sometime is purely luck and sometime you need a marathon to obtain satisfactory results.

Allianz is another counter I plan to increase my position for this year. Currently i only hold a little of it only, my concern is the liquidity problem of this counter. Therefore I must be sure that I need to hold it for very long in order to get good return, and selling it may be a issue since lack of liquidity. Allianz is not appeal to investors currently is due to dividend issue as compared to other insurers like LPI, once Allianz start paying good dividend its share price will reflect that. GAB, DIGI and LPI are traded at very high PE because of their dividend payout. Investor will priced their using dividend yield model instead of PE valuation. Allianz posses that potential as the mother company may want to recoup their investment. This was happen to Digi previously, it never pay dividend, its share price hardly move. However since it start paying good dividend and exercise capital management to return excess capital its share price shoot up for years.

It is very interesting to watch how Maxis perform from now, will investor priced it using dividend model and will it fetch a comparable PE or dividend yield to Digi.

Some ask me about plantation counter, however i did not follow any plantation stock currently.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Adding Position to Hartalega

My first purchase of year 2012 is Hartalega....again. Can't find better bet, still opine that Hartalega is attractively priced. Yes, latex price is low compared to months back, however this nothing new to Hartalega. If i not mistaken the current latex price, price of latex glove is almost on par with Hartalega's nitrile glove price. Therefore customer still can choose a better product at similar price. The foundamental of Hartalega is not affected.

My portfolio beat Index for year 2011, however is still below 15% of what i targeted. As i said previously, some times i need a marathon to get satisfactory results. I still stick to what i know better in term of stocks and strategy.

Since every week, paper is publishing stock pick for year 2012 or dragon year, do I have some? Yes, my pick will be Hartalega and Allianz. I also see Jobstreet is attractive at current price although it may be affected if the economy turn bad. No matter how it still a cyclical stock. I also think that celco is able to grow further since there are so many smart phones in the market. Few years back i thought that celco is a mature and saturated industry that purely for dividend play but i think the situation is changing.

I also think that Cypark is in a good industry, landfill management and solar energy however i don't know how reliable of their management. Further more, political issue may affect the company business.