Friday, January 7, 2011

Review of Year 2010

For year 2010, i thought i am going to under perform the index, however the last minute "window dressing" by the market has help to improve my return to 21% as compared to index at 19.3%.

My biggest mistake for the year was add on position to Topglove, although i still not suffering any lose of capital based on average purchased price, however it has affected me on the opportunity cost. I failed to foresee the adverse future of latex glove which is diminishing and the outlook will remain unfavorable in foreseeable future. A bleak outlook of latex glove means bright outlook for nitrile glove as the market is not going to shrink. I still positive on Hartalega. Despite the fluctuation of share prices, surprisingly it still beat the market.

Public Bank is slow and steady. It make feel safe to charge ahead - means have buffer to pick relative smaller growth stock like Hartalega. As i mentioned previously, it not going to fly but it is a safe bet.

Allianz, surprisingly also align with market performance due to i was lucky to pick it quite low. Market will appreciate it after it might declare higher dividend. It still relatively cheap as compared to LPI.

My other blunder will be JCY, i should stick to my initial intention, which is to sell it after IPO. I applied the IPO with intention to make use of my idling money, but after that i shift my strategy because one of friend work at WD told me it might be a good bet since it was dominating the supply to WD and Seagate. Sometime in stock market even insider can't help much.

Based on the current market condition i am reluctant to commit more capital but also not thinking to reduce my exposure yet.