Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Market Comment

The current state of market is very difficult to understand, we have some big banks like Maybank, CIMB & Public Bank traded at low teen PE. We also have some consumer related counters traded at very high PE. Are investors too cautious for business cycle related company but seeking for low risk dividend yield company?

Judge from the above, it seem like general investor already priced in any political shake-up might happen. If like this, I am of opinion that the correction after General Election may be very minor only. I hope I am wrong as I ready to capitalize on any correction.

Public Bank and Hartalega posted good financial results for quarter ended Sep 12, both companies will continue to grow for years to come, especially Hartalega. No point taking profit as future is still bright.

Allianz is yet to announced its financial result, another good quarter results will definitely boosted its share prices again.

Jobstreet posted a good set of financial result for quarter ended Sep 12. Based on its latest financial results, the share price seem acceptable, however it is also a tight liquidity counter.