Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Add position to Public Bank & Hartalega

There is nothing happen to my portfolio for the past months. However received new source of fund recently, add position to Public Bank and Hartalega. Public Bank just announced a very Strong 1Qtr results yesterday, net profit up by 20%, look like it going to make EPS of 95sen for year 2011. At the current price, it deemed quite attractive, PE is less than 14 for a well managed company. Many may not like it but not me.

As for Hartalega, i am quite optimistic that it is going to announce another record net profit, EPS can be around 53sen easily. It is going to built its plant No. 6 to expand further. I like company that able to grow organically, Hartalega is one of that in Bursa Malaysia. As i mentioned previously that a company only can fetch a higher PE valuation if it able to grow (in term of net profit) and pay good dividend. I am still waiting for the market to appraise it as grow stock valuation.

For property, i booked one more condo, nothing conclusive yet. Able to know the outcome or selection by next month only.