Friday, September 30, 2011

Comment and Opinion

I did not manage to capitalize on the recent share price correction. Limited fund available at the moment and this fund also reserve for my property investment. I still of opinion that the sell off is only correction not the beginning of the bear market. I aware that many will think otherwise. Share market tend to correct every 3-5 years and this time should be also correction not recession. Some investors already feel the pain, especially those invested in the 2nd grade stocks. In order to survive in the stock market and make money always not an easy task. Over more than 10 years of investing experience tell me to only stick to really well managed companies is the way to weather through the market fluctuation. One should always take a long term perspective and prepared for the up and down of the market. If you ask me some of the stocks are quite attractive like CIMB and Aeon Credit. I sold one service apartment recently and reinvested into a terrace house. This is big investment for myself, hopefully i made a correct choice, instead of buying share i vested in property. Seldom people buy terrace house for renting purpose but i plan to do that. Recent property price hike make some of the landed sub-sale look attractive as compared to newly launched condo or landed.