Friday, December 2, 2011

Able to foresee and able to capitalize

It has been sometimes i did not update my blog, very sorry to all the viewers.For the past few months, thing has been stagnant until recently.

Yes i manage to foresee it is only the correction for stock market not the beginning of the bear market. However able to foresee and able to capitalize on it is a seperate issue. As i mentioned previously, i did not purchase any stock for past few months. Indeed my stock portfolio did not change for more than 1 year. My core holding - Hartalega, Public Bank and Allianz did not perform well in term of share prices, but their scorecard in term of financial results are satisfactory.In year 1929, Philip Fisher also managed to foresee the market was going to collapse however he did nothing. Instead he was looking for stock which was relatively cheap or stock that yet to go up. He was losing money, although he was rigth that market eventually collapsed few months after his prediction.I managed to foresee HLFG is going to be the winner of Hong Leong Bank - Eon Bank saga, but i failed to capitalize on it. I said Astro and Aeon Credit is attractive but i also failed to purchase any. I also made a few bad call like YTL Cement, and luckily i did not buy. All these are recorded down for me to review for my future investing decision making.Year to date i still barely making money but only dividend received.

In year 2008 i started to invest in property, and going aggresive by year 2010. What i want is to diversify my investment vehicle. I was lucky that the property market was booming starting from end 2009. Some of my investment still yet to see the result but what can said is property investing is profitable. You need to be selective and not over leverage.

Similar to my stock investment, although the result is not satisfactory currently but i still have confidence. This because i foresee my stocks holding going to make more money (business profit) than now for years to come.